Racist truck sign honors shameful history

Racist truck sign honors embarrassing history

It’s dislike the guy could be all that smart.

There is however no way Jim Valentine could be quite this dumb: The Post Falls man stuck a gross caricature of a young black girl eating a big slice of watermelon on the side of one of his business’s trucks. When decent people belittled it, Prompting news reports soon, Valentine pretended not to determine what all the fuss was about.

"Is it the melon that’s bothering people, Valentines asked a KHQ reporter. "It’s not the watermelon because it is precisely what that is what they live down south and it is exactly what they eat so I think what’s really getting people is that smile on her face,

They live down the southern region of. That must be they eat.

Valentine said such as a KXLY news reporter.

"I was shopping for it saying, ‘Is it the melon? Is that her hair?–" Valentine’s said. "And I know why it normally won’t like it. It’s cause she’s smiling and a very happy child like a lot of youngsters were in the 1800s,

Understand, The 1800s were a cheerful, Happy time much more, And dark-colored children in particular. That’s just the historical past. Customs. Valentines says he loves the South, And all its rich background heritage, And that is not to do with racism or slavery, He says that have been surely less than ideal, He appreciates, But which are now and again used to cloud over the happier parts of those good times, Like happy charcoal children eating watermelon, And stronger sense of states’ rights.

"This hatred thing that’s been built up around the Confederate flag, There are many goodness and happiness and it’s a part of history and a part of heritage,
https://www.teamramsprojersey.com/Rams-Jared-Goff-16-Jersey.html, So we put title on our company, He was quoted saying.

Yes indeed, Valentines tree service and landscaping company, Dixie offerings, Is named following the glory days of the Confederacy, And some of his company trucks sport Confederate flags on front grills. It’s always interesting to understand that Northwesterners who fly that flag whether it’s in their trucks or their yards, On their ballcaps or snotrags are expressing pride in a heritage that is not to do with our history here.

It’s almost like they’re taking pride in something else entirely.

Recall the time that Heather Scott, The Idaho lawmaker from Blanchard who lives in that alternative reality the American Redoubt with Matt Shea and the Bundys, Proudly were symbolized the flag at a Timber Days event in Priest River in 2015?

Like valentines, Scott saw something noble in the symbol of the our states who went to war for slavery.

"Sheltering and promoting our free speech is an honor, She wrote at that moment on her Facebook page.

At some time,
Jonathan Allen Jersey, Scott put it this way to The spokesperson Review: "I’m sure many people find an American flag offensive, The right way? There’s which burn it, There’s people who disrespect it. I can not ever kill someone’s freedom of speech,

Without doubt, The flags that Scott and valentines fly so proudly do have a North Idaho heritage, But it’s not affiliated with the Confederacy. It’s the heritage that has stained our region for years the one which includes white supremacist parades and bombings, And the chronic dream of a white homeland for wingnuts. It’s an equal heritage honored by Richard Butler, The lizardlike former head of the Aryan locations in Coeur d’Alene, Who once rode behind a pickup truck flying a Confederate flag in a Nazi parade.

It is the heritage of Butler not Jefferson Davis that Jim Valentine honors with the racist emblem on his company’s trucks. The heritage of unknowing hatred. It’s a part of our history here that we need to put behind us, Not rejoice. A part we should reject as loudly as i can, In our leaders and our friend and in those we choose to hire as landscapers or not to.

In his selection job interview with local reporters this week, Valentine pretended not to get. He pretended to be just a big ol’ fan of historical past. Of the favorable, Happy times inside Confederacy, Which he thinks periodically gets a bad name. He pretended to be simple. That can be dumb.